The Dream2Walk Family

Our Board of Directors


Stewart Morrison is the founder of The Dream2Walk Foundation and currently serves as President and Chairman.  He attended The University of North Texas where he became a proud member of the Sigma Nu Fraternity, Z.O. 1104.  He has worked in a plethora of fields including retail, sales, booking and promotions, as well as 10+ years in the Service Industry including being the General Manager and part Owner of a local Dallas area business.  In 2006 he became seriously ill and while at the hospital he was misdiagnosed with pneumonia leading to three and a half months of turmoil for his family, friends and self.  Ultimately he had a rare condition called Transverse Myelitis that causes compression damage to the spinal-cord. After being in I.C.U. for a month and a half, flat lining for four minutes (having an out-of-body white light experience), multiple medically induced coma’s, every major organ in his body shut down requiring the use of machines to keep him alive.  Even after the Doctors informed his family to make arrangements for a funeral on three separate occasions; by the grace of God he came through it all and spent two months in the hospitals rehab facilities where he learned to become accustomed to living life in a wheelchair.  Now he resides in Plano, Texas where he has started up The Dream2Walk Foundation in the hope to help as many S.C.I. patients as possible primarily through scholarship funds as well as earning his own rehabilitation and therapy for the chance to walk again someday!


Jerry Trahan is one of the founding board members and currently serves as Public Relations Director of The Dream2Walk Foundation. He is a graduate from The University of North Texas. His career path has led him to working in sales and finance making him and his experiences a valuable asset to the foundation. He resides in Frisco, Texas where he enjoys being around family and friends, as well as enjoying life to its fullest.


Angela Morrison is one of the founding board members and currently serves as Treasurer of The Dream2Walk Foundation. She was born in England, came to Texas at the age of 19 and now resides in Plano, Texas. She has two wonderful children; Christina is a 4th grade teacher in Allen, Texas and her son Stewart Morrison who is the driving force behind her involvement in The Dream2Walk Foundation. Her hope is for Stewart to someday gain some mobility through the right kind of therapy as well as helping others to do the same. She has been Stewart’s primary caregiver since day one and has seen him make ongoing strides towards independence in his daily life. She is a self-employed Hairstylist, which has been her profession all her life. She enjoys helping others and spending time with family and friends.


Ray Corado currently serves as Secretary of The Dream2Walk Foundation. He has a Minors Degree in Theology and sixty-five hours towards a B.S. in Finance. He was born and raised in Guatemala, Central America until his family moved to the United States when he was four years old. He began with a company called Autonomy in 2007 in the accounting department, however now his focus is in finance. He is also co-founder of SEO and the website development business Andale web studios. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas and outside of work what keeps he and his wife Melissa busy is working with the youth group at their church, Templo Maranatha.


Chuck Ligon currently serves as VP of Entertainment on the Board of Directors.

Chuck Ligon is a musician born and raised in Texas…and damn proud of it! Having a father that grew up in Lubbock, Texas and played bass in a 1950’s rock band that toured with Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Waylon Jennings, it was only natural that Chuck would get an early start playing music. After receiving his first guitar at the age of 10, Chuck knew that he was destined to play in a band. As a self-taught guitar player, Chuck quickly progressed from strumming along on his Martin acoustic to ripping leads on his ’77 Fender Strat. In high school, Chuck formed a band named “Bogus” that began playing private parties and dances at JJ Pearce High School in Richardson, Texas. After high school, Chuck played bass in “The Touch”, which was a new wave college band that played fraternity and sorority parties, and he did a little studio work on the side. But after marrying his high school sweetheart Kim, the guitar was put away, and Chuck focused on a career in real estate. After a few years, they started a family and Chuck thought his music days were gone forever.

But many years later, in an odd twist of fate, the turn of events surrounding Chuck’s birthday would change everything. You see Kim surprised Chuck with a Harley, and after researching the best places to ride in Texas, they decided to head to the Hill Country…and specifically to Luckenbach, Texas. When Chuck and Kim began touring the Hill Country on their Harley, they discovered some great watering holes. They also discovered the exploding Texas Country/Red Dirt music scene. After meeting Jimmy Lee Jones in Luckenbach, and hearing his style of Texas Country music, Chuck’s interest in music was rekindled. So after dusting off his guitar, and playing a few “open mic” nights, Chuck decided it was time to jump back in and start a band. So with Scott Weidenfeller and Bill Prince, the band “Tex Fletcher” was formed, which later included Gene Perry and Cody Frink. Tex Fletcher went on to play numerous local venues, private events, and festivals. In 2011, Tex Fletcher opened for Roger Creager and Jack Ingram at the Wildflower Music Festival. In 2012, Tex Fletcher was invited back to Wildflower to open for Neal McCoy and Mark Chesnutt.

Chuck recently released a new original EP that includes crowd favorites You Talked Me Into Lazy, Down The Road, Twisted, Bound To Know, and the new Texas anthem Come And Take It!