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Your Donation Helps Make Recovery Possible

“Hope is the belief more or less strong, that joy will come, desire is the wish it may come.” – Sydney Smith.

Life in a wheelchair does not have to be a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) patient’s only future. Traditional therapy and medicines have gone as far as they can or are willing to go.

Great organizations such as Beyond the Chair and Project Walk offer non-traditional methods that focus on active nervous system recruitment partnered with intense physical therapy. These programs are designed to stimulate the nervous system and increase the individual’s quality of life whether in mobility or general health. Recovery is a possibility that we see more and more everyday.

The Dream2Walk Foundation works with approved exercise based Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation facilities like Beyond the Chair and Project Walk.

Unfortunately these services come with a price. The out of pocket costs generally range between $100 and $125 per hour. Having access to these therapies is the main roadblock between life in a wheelchair and recovery with improved mobility for SCI patients.

A majority of the proceeds generated by “The Dream2Walk Foundation” go directly towards offsetting the rehabilitation and therapy cost of Spinal Cord Injury patients in need of our help made possible by your generosity.  Take a look at our Dream2Walk Family tab’s drop down menu for each scholarship recipient’s story, pictures and videos to see those we have been able to and are helping now!

Average annual costs range between $25,000 and $50.000 per year for therapy not including medicine. Most insurance companies do not cover these costs and most can not afford to fund their recovery on their own. That is where we try to step in to help with the cost of therapy for our “Dream2Walk Family” and why your support is so needed and appreciated.

At The Dream2Walk Foundation with your support, it is our hope to make the desires and dreams of as many SCI patients possible become a reality!

To support our Dream2Walk Family, please find the DONATE button at the top of our home page, thank you for your support, together we can make a difference!