North Texas Giving Day 2017

#NorthTexasGivingDay is this Thursday Sept. 14, 2017.

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO GET THE WORD OUT AND #DONATE yourselves, if 1,000 of the 1,300+ that liked this page donated a mere $10 or more we will be able to generate over 100 hours of THERAPY SCHOLARSHIPS !!!!!!!

Now that is making a DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!

On Thursday this link will be shared over and over again for convenience/simplicity to find and DONATE, thank you all so much in advance, together we can and are making a difference!

Golden Tickets

Golden Tickets are awarded to one nonprofit every hour between 6am and midnight! Any nonprofit who receives a least one donation of $25 or more during the hour is eligible to win this $1,000 prize. A nonprofit can only win one golden ticket.

Karen’s Prize
There will be a random drawing from all North Texas Giving Day kickoff and training registrants. The lucky name drawn will win $2,500 for their associated nonprofit organization. This prize is in memory of our Karen Gutierrez who was instrumental to the success of North Texas Giving Day.

The Big Spender Prize
All donors of MORE than $10,000 will be entered into a random drawing for
The Big Spender Prize – $5,000 – for their selected nonprofit and lunch with CFT’s president and CEO, Dave Scullin.